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Arundel Farm

Arundel Farm Estate is located in the Keilor valley on a rise above the Maribyrnong River Valley. The farm initially comprised of 640 acres and features a beautiful huge bluestone manor, built-in 1868 by Robert McDougall from bluestone quarried from one of the valleys on the property. The house has 16 main rooms with 12-foot ceilings and ornate plaster mouldings. There are two single-storey service wings extending to the north and south, also built in bluestone and slate-roofed. The southern one of these retains what may be early, even original, stained glass windows.

McDougall died in 1887 and Arundel was sold to William Taylor to become part of his large Overnewton Estate.

In more recent years….

A large number of horse stables and yards were created which built a great name for the estate as a premier horse breeding and spelling farm, with the premiere Melbourne Cup horses being bought here to spell after the big day.

The original vineyard was planted in 1984 comprising of just two acres, with the first wines being produced by Rick Kinzbrunner (Giaconda wines) in 1988. After realising the intense quality of the wines, in 1998 the winery was built and the vineyard was extended to 20 acres with 16 acres devoted to shiraz and 4 acres to viognier, paying homage to the Rhône valley of France.

Following this the Ceccomancini Family purchased the property in 2011 to continue the legacies left behind by the previous generations. Since this time, they have added even more to this property by building a 150-seat restaurant and function space, with plenty more to come…

The restaurant was built in 2018 with the purpose of creating a wholesome and relaxed atmosphere for local clientele to dine amongst our country property.