How Covid has changed the Wedding Scene

Covid brought many tribulations, and it also shaped a lot of people’s perspectives and their values.

Throughout the last couple of years with the ongoing global pandemic, there have been many changes in society.

These changes have affected weddings in particular. From big glamorous events to small backyard gatherings. Many people have found that it was easier to have a small wedding than risk planning a major event with the possibility of it being cancelled due to Covid.

Brides nowadays don’t want to worry about dance floor restrictions, check ins, masks and paying an immense amount of dollars for it to get cancelled a month before.

Financial considerations also play a factor, as many people faced hardships throughout the lockdowns with unemployment and less work hours and may not find it necessary to host grand events.

A slight disconnect from the outside world during lockdowns has led people to prefer intimate weddings with close friends and family as opposed to having over 100 guests that they may have fallen out of contact with throughout the years.

Although Covid brought many tribulations, it also shaped a lot of people’s perspectives and their values. In this case many couples found that their big day was about them and sharing it with their close loved ones.

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